The Etsy Test


Swarovski Pearl Bar Necklaces


Since I opened my first shop on Etsy in 2014, I’ve been trying to figure out what the “secret” is. The secret to making sales and keep them coming in. After three and a half years I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is no secret trick that will magically make my shop take off over night. There is only hard work.

Etsy is a huge marketplace for handmade and vintage goods and craft supplies. As of December 31, 2016, there were 1.7 million active sellers vying for the business of 26.6 million buyers, according to their annual report. As of July 2017, there are over 45 million items for sale on Etsy, nearly 9 million of them in the jewelry category alone.

Competition on Etsy is fierce, and if you are not actively making your shop stand out from the nearly 2 million others, you will be lost in the noise. But making your shop stand out is easier said than done and will no doubt require lots of hard work.

I came up with the Etsy Test to see just what a little elbow grease will do for my shop. I’ve made a plan to steadily add items to my shop through October before the holiday shopping really begins. And while I’m doing that, I’ll be updating my current listings from their photos to the titles, tags, and descriptions. I haven’t devised one yet, but I’m also planning on making some sort of promo campaign, most likely on Instagram and Facebook. But I think I’ll focus on that after I get 100 items in my shop in October.

I’ll be monitoring my shop’s progress and I’ll be posting updates on this blog for anyone interested. To be somewhat scientific with this test, we need to compare it to how my shop was before. I’ll be comparing July-October of this year to the first half of 2017 and November and December to the same months in 2016 to account for the holiday shopping season.

The first half of 2017, I sold only three items. I had roughly 30-60 items in my shop and had an average of about 75 visits and 120 views per month. During the 2016 holiday season (November and December), I sold five items, had about 220 visits and 380 views in total during the two months. I don’t remember exactly how many items were in my shop, but it was probably somewhere around 40-50 if I had to guess.

I’m curious to see how drastic the change will be, but I suspect it will not be that drastic. After all, 100 items will represent only about 0.001% of the jewelry market on Etsy. May the odds be ever in my favor.


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