What’d I Miss?

Seriously. I feel like I haven’t blogged since 1789. I haven’t been like ambassador to France or anything, so where the hell have I been?

Honestly, if I knew I’d tell you. I think there were a lot of factors that led to my absence from Sparkle and Sprinkle, too many to list here.

This year I have some ideas in mind, such as expanding the baking section to include savory foods that are baked in the oven. I’m pretty excited about that! I’m also rebranding Yellow Raspberry Jewelry, which is probably going to include a name change, but more on that later.

So like I wrote on my About page, every Friday will be a new baking post, either savory or sweet. Every second Friday of the month will be a Pintertest post, in which I’ll test out a popular recipe on Pinterest and give you my verdict. Tuesdays will still be for jewelry, and you can look forward to some DIYs and a studio tour!

I’ve really missed blogging regularly and I can’t wait to get back on the blogging wagon!



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