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Books and Beverages (#13)

I would like to apologize for my unexpected month-long hiatus. Although I didn’t publish any posts this month, I at least managed to read three books. If you read last month’s Books and Beverages, then you’ll know I started reading two trilogies. This month, I read the second books of the Red Rising and Mistborn trilogies, along with a stand-alone book.


The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

68429The second Mistborn book has a lot going for it. In order to avoid spoilers, I’m not going to delve much into a summary of the book. I will say that I totally saw a major twist coming, and it felt like it took forever for Sanderson to finally reveal it. Also, the first book had a good amount of romantic tension, where the romance in this one kind of fell flat. There was a sad attempt at a love triangle because you know that Vin, the main character, isn’t really interested in the other guy. The other thing that irked me about this book and the previous one is that the main character is dynamic and goes through a change like she’s supposed to, but Sanderson makes it really obvious. Like other characters mention to Vin how much she’s changed and in what way. I think how the character changes should be left up to the reader, and shown instead of told. Anyway, those are my only complaints.

Basically, the main conflict of the book revolves around the aftermath of the first. I know, that’s really vague, but again, I’m trying to avoid spoilers. One solution to the problem is the mysterious Well of Ascension, which is where the Lord Ruler is said to have gotten his power and released the magic of Allomancy. Based on the legends, Vin wonders if she’s the Hero of Ages, who will go to the Well and release the power contained there and not take it for herself as the Lord Ruler did. Throughout all this, the characters are developed more and we learn more about Sazed, Elend, and of course Vin. It’s a really good fantasy read, despite its flaws, and there were several twists I didn’t see coming.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

18966819It’s been a couple years since the events in Red Rising, and Darrow finds that he is rising to a place of power among the Golds. He’s made several enemies along the way, but he’s also made several friends. Everything seems to be going as planned, until something unexpected throws him off course and he becomes the laughing stock of the Golds. He has to regain his respect and puts his trust in his closest friends from the Institute. However, his novel idea of trust over enslavement could risk him exposing his true color.

In this book, we finally get to see more of the solar system and what the Society is like. It is a continuation of the first book’s commentary on race and slavery set in a futuristic dystopian world. There are so many twists and turns in this book, and there were several times I didn’t want to turn the page because it didn’t seem like it could end well. It’s a really well paced and intense book. The romance between Darrow and Mustang becomes more tense as Darrow wants to love her, but doesn’t want to reveal what he truly his, believing it will hurt Mustang. Darrow begins to see the purpose behind taking down the Society and we get to learn more about some of the supporting characters. It’s a really exciting book, and I don’t recommend reading it before bedtime.

Genesis by Bernard Beckett

6171892This book follows a girl named Anax as she takes the grueling four-hour Examination to get into the Academy, which runs her utopian society. She has studied for three years the subject of the life of her hero, Adam Forde, and this is the topic of her interview for the Examination. However, she soon begins to realize that the Academy is not what she’s been told and that things were left out of the history she’s studied.

This book is very philosophical and delves into the question of what it means to be human. In some ways, it reminded me a lot of Inception. It also goes into a detailed history, which is the not-so-distant future to us right now. It’s a very interesting read and will get you thinking. It’s also very short, and you can probably read it in one sitting.


Celestial Seasoning’s Tension Tamer Herbal Tea

It’s been a really stressful month, and I like to think that this tea helped, either actually helped, or at least just through the placebo effect. I think just herbal tea in general is useful for de-stressing. Regardless, this tea has a really nice blend of eleuthero, mint, lemongrass, and chamomile, which is supposed to help make you calmer I guess. You may need some while reading Golden Son.


I’ve been making a lot of smoothies because it’s been warm lately. There’s nothing like frozen blended fruit on a hot day, and you can add in anything you want like ground flax seed or protein powder to make it a power smoothie!


2 thoughts on “Books and Beverages (#13)

  1. I don’t even remember how long Genesis has been on my to-read shelf for. Maybe something for me to boost my book count with?

    I wish I had that tea while I was reading Golden Son. That whole trilogy is insane.


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