A New Direction

After a lot of researching and pondering, I came to the conclusion that it’s time for a change for Yellow Raspberry Jewelry. This was back in early March, and I’ve slowly been making changes while I’ve been going to college. In fact, some of those changes have spilled over into this blog, but rest assured, the content will remain the same.

If you’ve noticed, minimalism is one of the latest rising jewelry trends. If you’ve also noticed, a lot of my items do not fit under the minimalist category. At first I thought about going into bead bar necklaces and gemstone wire wrapped hoop earrings, but there’s a lot of competition for that out there already. I’d need to come up with something else.

I read an article about a girl who opened her Etsy shop while she was in high school and over three years made about $100,000 in sales. After a week of her beaded macrame bracelets not selling, she switched to wire wrapping instead, and I think I’ll let the 100 grand tell the rest of that story.

Anyway, this is what inspired me to look into wire worked jewelry. I discovered that there wasn’t as much competition for wire worked necklaces, as in a wire bent into a simple shape, such as a zodiac sign. And it also works with the new minimalist trend, so it seemed like the perfect idea. But, in order to sell them, I knew they were going to need to be made with sterling and other precious metals. My plan is to branch out into gold filled in the future, but I started off with sterling because precious metals are not cheap. Also, if they end up not becoming the hit like I think they will, then I won’t have spent too much.


So far, they seem to be doing pretty well. I have ten out of twelve zodiac signs in my shop, and I’m hoping to have the rest up within a week or two. Plus, I’m trying to clear out my old inventory, so a lot of my items are on clearance for 40% off. Several clearance items have been featured in this blog, so if you’ve had your eye on something, the time has never been better. I’ve also been working on branding, and more changes will be coming soon. I even have an Instagram account for my store, which I recommend checking out: @yellowraspberryjewelry.

I guess the moral of this story is don’t be afraid to change directions with your business!


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