Two Variations on Bar Necklaces

Bar necklaces are a rising trend in jewelry. They’re minimalist, elegant, and versatile. So of course I wanted to have a go at them. I first made what I call a “mock bar necklace” because it’s really just a single strand beaded necklace. After I bought some new supplies, I made an actual bead bar necklace, and I’m planning to make more. (The new supplies are for the new direction I’m planning to take my shop, but that’s another post.)

Both of these designs are fairly simple and could be tackled by beginner/intermediate jewelry maker. Try out your own colors and beads, and you’ll find that the design possibilities for these are endless.

Mock Bar Necklace


If you don’t have any wire or necklace chain, and aren’t planning on buying any in the future, then I suggest trying out this design. Center your “bead bar” on the strand and fill in the rest with seed beads for the “chain.” Finish it off with some crimps and a clasp. It’s really easy, and would also be great if you’re just starting out with jewelry making. Click here for the Etsy listing.

Neon Bead Bar Necklace


If you’ve got some wire and chain hanging around, then try out this design, using whatever beads you want. Cut a length of wire a little over half an inch of the length of your beads. Make a simple loop on one end, string your beads on, and finish off with another simple loop. Make sure the beads have a little bit of wiggle room. Next, cut some chain to your desired length, and then cut it in half. With a jump ring, attach one half of the chain to one end of the bar, and repeat for the other end. Attach a clasp to the ends of the chain, and you’re ready to go! Click here for the Etsy listing.

Let me know in the comments how your bar necklaces turn out!


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