Charming Earrings

Here’s how the story of these three pairs of earrings begins:

I bought a bunch of charms to make bracelets for fandoms like Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones. Then I realized it would probably be in my best legal interest not to sell those because of copyrights and trademarks. So I had a bunch of extra charms that no longer had a purpose.

Then one day I found that I had several pairs of charms and that got me thinking along the lines of earrings. The first pair of charm earrings I made was my witch hat earrings for Halloween and they helped me think of other designs several months later.

I decided that I didn’t want to make just plain charms attached to ear wire–where’s the creativity in that? So I went with little pops of color in all the designs.

Angel Wings

These angel wing charms seemed a little on the dark side to me, so I chose darker accent beads and gunmetal components to really drive home that dark feel. Click here for the Etsy listing and more pictures.

Lightning Bolts

These lightning bolt charms still make me think of Harry Potter, so I went with some Gryffindor inspired colors for the accent beads. Click here for the Etsy listing and more pictures.

Space Needles

I confess–the Space Needle charms weren’t a part of any charm bracelet design. I bought them to make earrings, but couldn’t decide on a design until inspiration struck from the other earrings. The pop of color was pretty obvious given all the sports teams here have pretty much the same colors. But I felt that it needed a little something more, so in came the raindrop shaped hoops. They’re perfect because it’s so rainy here! Click here for the Etsy listing and more pictures. 

Have you ever bought too much of something and repurposed the extra? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Charming Earrings

  1. These Space Needle earrings are so on the nose I love it. I also love the pops of color you’ve added to these earrings! They pair really well with the charms. And I love that Seattle’s teams all have essentially the same colors. I can’t think of any other city that has anything like that. It makes us feel like more of a community. (I said “love” a lot but I really do.)


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