Valentine’s Day Collection

School work really caught me off guard this quarter, so that’s why there was a hiatus. Since it’s a few weeks in, I’ve more or less adjusted to the work load, so you can expect more consistent blogging.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (it’s only two and half weeks away) and that’s why I’m writing this Valentine’s Day jewelry post. I’ve got a matching bracelet and earring set and another pair of earrings for you to admire and draw inspiration from.

 Red Velvet Hearts Set



Red Velvet Earrings; Red Velvet Bracelet

I fell in love with these beads when I saw them. First of all, they’re fuzzy faux velvet so they’re fun to play with. And second of all they’re big and chunky to make a lovely statement. They’re very lightweight beads, which made them perfect for earrings, and I also really love how they went with the cream colored pearls in the bracelet. Click on the links above to see more pictures.

Hearts and Hoops Earrings


Valentine Hoop Earrings

The charms at the bottom of these earrings are actually recycled from some toggle clasps that didn’t quite work. I really liked them, so I didn’t want to just toss them, and so they ended up in some earrings. I framed some dark red and pink Czech glass beads inside some silver-tone hoops and attached the charms to the bottom for dangle. I really like how they turned out. Click on the link above for more pictures.


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