Jewelry for Advent (And a Rosary, Too)

Advent, like Thanksgiving, is often overlooked in the excitement for Christmas. While advertisements (and sometimes this blog) remind you that it’s time to think about what you’re going to buy, Advent is there to remind you to slow down and take your time preparing for the big day and the arrival of baby Jesus. This year, advent begins on Nov. 29. Advent colors are purple (or sometimes blue) and pink, which means that this blog is going to consist of purple things. I’d include blue and pink things too, but I’ve already done that here and here.

Purple Magnesite and Gray Pearl Bracelet



This is the single-strand version of my triple-strand purple magnesite bracelet. If you’re curious, you can read all about that one and additional purple jewelry in a guest blog post that I wrote for Yvette. Anyways, if you’re not into statement pieces, but are still looking for something interesting to attach around your wrist, then this bracelet does the trick. It’s a very simple design, yet the play with patterns and textures is what makes this bracelet unique. Also, I love how well the lavender shade of the magnesite goes with the smoky gray pearls.

Dark Purple Necklace



I’m pretty sure this was one of the first necklaces I made for my Etsy shop. Its design was based off a necklace I made for a friend for homecoming. I liked how it turned out so much that I made another one. I like how the round beads at the top are darker than the oval ones below. I also like the little pendant of clustered black shell discs. I tied in the black pendant by adding black seed beads throughout the necklace.

Purple and Pink Advent Rosary


If you’re wondering why this one doesn’t have a link, it’s not a mistake. It doesn’t have a link because it’s not even up in my shop yet. That’s right, this is the debut of my new rosary. Seeing how popular my agate and gold rosary was, I decided I should start adding more to my rosary section. I was inspired by the colors of the candles on an Advent wreath, and I like how the four pink week beads mimic the general design of the wreath. And what better time to debut it than right before Advent and the reopening of my shop after a long vacation?

Coupon Code

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! (Or maybe just me.) As promised last week, my Black Friday coupon code is BFRI15. Use this code to get 15% off any purchase from Yellow Raspberry Jewelry from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (Nov. 27-30).


2 thoughts on “Jewelry for Advent (And a Rosary, Too)

  1. I didn’t know advent was a religious thing! I really thought it was just about chocolate… But I guess it makes sense since Christmas is a religious holiday. You learn something new everyday! I also really like the design of that rosary. Those beads speak to me.


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