Beaded Necklace Goals

I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft, and I find that inspiration is the key. Because we’re human, it’s risky to try new things since it’s impossible to get it right the first time. It’d be awesome to learn a new jewelry making technique over night because then it wouldn’t cost me as much in supplies for pieces that didn’t turn out quite right. But I think not taking the risk is even riskier because it’s costing me the opportunity for growth. I may not get it right the first few times, but after a few more tries, I will have mastered it pretty well (hopefully).

In these next two pieces of mine, I’ve been trying to change up my usual style, but I feel it could be even better. In fact, I found a couple other necklaces on Etsy that I’d love to learn how to make. Etsy is a boundless muse for inspiration in upping your jewelry making game. When I figure out how to make these, maybe I’ll put up a tutorial so that you can add to your skills as well. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested.

My Recently Created Pieces

Blue and Opal Necklace
This is my blue and opal necklace. It started out with the opal chip beads. I thought about making a winter-y necklace, so I included the oval blue crystal beads. Continuing on that same note, I went with the smokey gray pearls and the aurora borealis finished China cut glass discs. The top part of the necklace still needed some color, so I went with the clear sky blue seed beads.

Blue and Opal Necklace
It turned out looking very wintry, which was my intent, so in that sense it’s a success. However, I played it very safe in creating this as one of my usual single-strand necklaces.
Owl Pendant Necklace
With this owl necklace, I tried to change things up a bit more. Again, I experimented with pattern, texture, and color. I even tried to get a little creative with the pendant. I liked how the silver owl looked with the leopard jasper chips, and started pulling out some more beads that had been sitting around for a while. The brown discs went well with the browns in the jasper beads, but it would need some sort of color. I went with green, to bring out some of the green in the jasper.
Owl Pendant Necklace
For the pendant, I knew it wouldn’t be very exciting to just have a random pewter owl charm thrown on the end, so I played around a little more until I got a good look. The black disc behind the owl reminds me of the moon, only the owl is not the silhouette in this case. It’s reversed, which I think gives it a bit more added interest in unpredictability. Although I did experiment more with colors in this one, it’s still just my usual single strand necklace.

Necklaces I Admire

The braided seed bead style is something that I’ve wanted to learn for a while, and I like the way Gale of Bantering Bird Jewelry executes the design. The colors give off this rustic vibe, which she ties in with the burlap necklace display. She also changes it up by putting the clasp on the side, which adds a little bit of asymmetry and keeps you guessing. I’m also in love with how she attached the pendant. It makes me think of a butterfly’s antennae. The leather makes it feel like mixed media art, which I think can be hard to pull off with jewelry. I would love to see my jewelry at this level someday. (Click on the picture for a direct link to the necklace listing. Photo belongs to Gale of Bantering Bird Jewelry.)
I’ve been admiring insoujewelry‘s designs for some time. Susan and Iness do a great job of incorporating flowers and nature into their statement pieces, and I have especially been loving all of their fall designs. Statement pieces have been a struggle for me, so I tend to avoid making them. However, seeing how beautiful they can be in this necklace, I might just change my mind. The colors in this necklace remind me so much of fall, and the flowers are arranged so well on this necklace, it’d be like wearing a bouquet that never dies. (Click on the photo for a direct link to the necklace listing. Photo belongs to Susan and Iness of insoujewelry.)

Learning a new technique can be a struggle when it doesn’t come out the way we want. It’s easy to say it’s impossible and just give up on trying to learn it. If you ever get that feeling, just look back at these necklaces, or find some other designs to aspire to. Being reminded of the goal helps keep you motivated to achieve it!

Right now my shop is on vacation because I’m currently studying abroad in Japan. I’m actually taking a class on digital photography, and I’ve learned a few things that I think will help to improve my jewelry photos as well. A photography post may be in order. Let me know below.


2 thoughts on “Beaded Necklace Goals

  1. I love the earthiness of the owl necklace! It really fits in with the feel of it. Before I saw your designs I thought all beaded necklaces were one pattern going all the way around. Your designs are so much nicer than anything I could come up with!


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