Spooky Earrings!

Halloween is almost here! I hope your costumes and candy are ready for parties and trick-or-treaters. If you follow Yellow Raspberry Jewelry on Tumblr, then maybe you’ve noticed the recent Etsy Halloween finds I’ve been posting. There’s some pretty neat Halloween things you can find on Etsy, and I have a couple pairs of earrings of my own to share with you. These are in fact up for sale, but Yellow Raspberry Jewelry is currently on vacation. But don’t despair because I will be back up on Black Friday, so keep an eye on this blog and Tumblr, because there’s bound to be a coupon code for the big shopping day.

Ghost Sugar Cookie Earrings

Ghost Cookie Earrings
I couldn’t resist these Peru ceramic beads when I laid eyes on them. They were so cute and the perfect size for making adorable Halloween earrings. I added a small black accent bead at the bottom and used gunmetal French earring hooks to give them that smoky gray spooky look.

Witch Hat Earrings

Wicth Hat Earrings
Originally I bought these pewter charms to make more Harry Potter charm bracelets, but seeing as I don’t own rights to HP, I can’t sell my charm bracelets. So these earrings were born instead and the charms were just the right size for that purpose. I like the dangly little accent beads that remind me of a dark and starry night and a witch flying around on her broomstick.

Christmas is not too far off either, so you can be expecting Christmas jewelry and baking posts in the near future! The jewelry posts will be coming sooner, since I don’t have an oven at my disposal. But upon my return from Japan, you can expect plenty of baking posts, and maybe even a few extras to make up for the hiatus.


3 thoughts on “Spooky Earrings!

  1. It’d be funny if you took all the charms from the Harry Potter charm bracelet and made them all earrings. You could name them things like “Lightning Bolt (NOT) Scar Earrings” and “Magic School Train Earrings” then put it all in a collection.


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