Pink Jasper Set

Pink Jasper Set

One day browsing in the bead shop, I came upon these really pretty jasper beads. Although the label claims they are red leopard jasper, I think they look more pink. Anyway, I found some other beads to go with it, some plain crystals and some bamboo coral. I first made a necklace and had enough left to make a matching pair of earrings. I think they came out quite well.

The Necklace

Pink Jasper Necklace
I made this one for myself because I liked the beads so much. However, I do wish that I had changed up the pattern a bit or given it a pendant just to add something extra and make it less predictable. I still like its simplicity, however, and I’ll wear it with pink shirts sometimes. I like the contrast between the brightness of the bamboo rose coral beads and the darkness in the jasper beads.

The Earrings

Pink Jasper Earrings
I had just a few of the jasper beads leftover, so there wasn’t much I could do except make some earrings or buy more and make another necklace. I chose to go with the former route, and this is the product. It features the same jasper and coral beads as the necklace, and I even added a wrapped loop at the top to give that extra little something. The jasper beads don’t quite match, but I kind of like that they’re not perfectly symmetrical.

And that’s it! Maybe if I buy some more jasper and coral beads I’ll make a bracelet, but that isn’t something I see on the horizon in the near future. There’s the whole issue that you need money to buy more beads. Anyway, something that will happen in the near future is my guest post on xo, Yvette. So I suggest you subscribe or keep an eye out on her blog for that post, which will be on jewelry. That’s all I’m saying. No spoilers.


2 thoughts on “Pink Jasper Set

  1. I love the pop of color those coral beads give to these pieces! It really draws my eye. I’m also super excited about your guest post! It won’t be up for a couple weeks but everything in it is so lovely I can’t wait for everybody to read it!


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