Books and Beverages

Books and Beverages (#4)

I had trouble finding time to read this past month, but I managed to read two books. It’s also been quite warm where I live, so I’ve been drinking lots of cold beverages while I sit out in a nice shady spot and read.


My Book of Life By Angel by Martine Leavitt

This book is written in verse and is based on a true story of a man who was accused of murdering sex workers in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s told from the point of view of a girl named Angel, whose mother has recently died. She starts stealing shoes from the mall and meets a man named Call who gives her “candy” that makes her feel like she can fly. She goes home one day high on this “candy” and her father basically kicks her to the curb. She goes to Call, who turns out to be a pimp, and she works for him as a prostitute. One day a friend of hers goes missing and she learns about other girls who have gone missing and never return and about a man named Mr. P who might be involved with the disappearances. Call hires a new girl who is only eleven and tells Angel to teach her the ropes. Angel refuses, saying that the girl is too young. Angel finds a purpose in this girl and tries desperately to get her out before it’s too late. I enjoyed this book and since it’s written in verse, it reads very quickly. I also thought that poetry was the best medium for such a dark story and that it would have been much different written in prose and not as effective.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

I had tried to read this once before when I was in my Twilight phase, but couldn’t get past the way it was written. It’s written as though you’re reading someone’s diary. I found the first half of this to be rather slow and there were a lot of journal entries that I couldn’t figure out why the author had chosen to include them since they seemed unrelated. First, we are introduced to Dracula through the point of view of Jonathan Harker. Then it switches and follows the story of Jonathan’s fiance, Mina, and her friend, Lucy. There are also some news stories that are included that seem unrelated to the story. However, when Dr. Van Helsing enters the scene to help Lucy who has fallen ill, things get interesting. Finally things start to come together and make sense and the book is much more interesting after that point. Sometimes, though, it seems as though the characters are rather stupid and you wonder why they aren’t picking up on these things that they’re writing in their diaries.


Luzianne Sweet Tea
If you’ve never heard the term sweet tea before, it’s just sweetened iced tea. Anyway, Luzianne tea leaves make the best and I’ve been drinking it a lot since it’s been hot.

Starbucks Frappuccinos
Just writing about this makes me feel really white, but I love to treat myself occasionally to a Frappuccino. Last summer, they had a flavor called mocha cookie crumble, but they discontinued it. That was one of my faves, but oh well. I have yet to try their fan flavors. I’m worried that some of them may be a little too sweet for me. I’ve also been trying to make my own Frappuccinos at home, but so far I can’t get them quite right. I might do a post on it if I finally figure it out, so look out for one of those maybe.


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