Stylish Summer Jewelry

I picked out two pieces for this post based on recent trends and summer themes. I think they turned out quite well, but go ahead and have a look for yourself.

Metallic Teardrop Earrings

Metallic Earrings Metallic Earrings

Metallics are a growing trend and they match with just about anything, so I figured I’d make some metallic jewelry. I’ve had these big copper beads for a while and never was able to find a use for them until now. I framed them in the teardrop earring components and they fit perfectly. I combined copper and silver tones in these and I think it turned out quite well. They would match great with any sort of metallic accessory like a clutch or watch. I had to put a seed bead at the end since the copper beads’ holes are much larger than the head pin.

Seashell Bracelet

Seashell Bracelet Seashell Bracelet

Seashells, beaches, and summer are peas in a pod. I’ve also had these seashell beads for a while and not known quite what to do with them. I saw them in the store, thought they looked cool, and bought them without specifically knowing what I was going to do with them. I finally realized that they would look great as a bracelet, and I decided to keep it simple since the shells pretty much speak for themselves. I alternated them with simple Czech glass bicone beads that represent the water. The gold components nicely complement the gold tones in the shells.


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