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Gadgets for Books and Beverages

LED Reading Light and Tea Buddy

I wanted to lump these in with my last Books and Beverages post, but it would have made it a bit too long. So here they are in their own little bonus blog.

LED Reading Light (Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light)

I bought this for my trip to Hawaii, in case I wanted to read at night while my friend slept in the same room so that I wouldn’t keep her up with a bright light. It worked out well, and I even use it at home in the hopes that less light won’t prevent me from sleeping (melatonin and all that). The light has three settings, bright, less bright, and off. The less bright setting is still pretty bright, but doesn’t use up the battery as quickly.You can even buy an adapter separately if you don’t like using batteries. To use the light, you clamp it down to a bunch of pages, or the back cover for hardback books. It doesn’t mar the pages and stretches far enough up that it doesn’t get in the way of page flipping. I really like it and it can also serve as a flashlight. It’s pretty compact and can even stand on its own. Makes a great gift for book lovers and I think it would be great for in a dorm room. It comes in several different colors.

Tea Bag Buddy (Primula Tea Bag Buddy)

This thing is great. I use it mostly to put on top of my mug so that my tea doesn’t go cold as quickly. (So when I get distracted by a good book, my tea is still fairly warm.) It’s also great for holding the tea bag string so that it won’t drip tea down the side of the mug while steeping. On the packaging it shows that you can also use it to squeeze the last drop out of the tea bag, and as a place to set your tea bag down. It comes in pink, green, and white and is made from silicone. It’s pretty great, and I’ve had mine for over a year, so it’s pretty long-lasting too. And it’s easy to clean; you just need to give it a good rinse. It works best with tea bags with strings, but can still be used to keep your tea warm with string-less bags and loose leaf teas. Great for tea lovers.


5 thoughts on “Gadgets for Books and Beverages

  1. I actually have a book light but I haven’t used it since the batteries ran out (because AAA batteries are a pain) but now that you mention it, it could be my solution to next year’s living situation. I’ll have to test out how well it stays up while I lay down, though.


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