Prom Jewelry

Since it’s getting close to prom season, I thought it’d be a good idea to write a short post on prom jewelry. Prom jewelry doesn’t have to be used for just prom. You can wear it for date nights and other formal occasions. You can also cut down on some of the prom night costs by making your own jewelry. Custom making it yourself also ensures that it’s exactly what you want, and the right color to match your dress. I hope these next few pieces give you ideas for your own prom jewelry.

Black and White Bracelet and Earring Set

Black and White Bracelet and Earrings Set

I originally made these as a birthday gift for someone. I found the design in a jewelry book called Earrings, Earrings, Earrings! by Barb Switzer. The book has all kinds of earring designs in it, as well as a few other jewelry set designs. Anyways, the recipient of this set loved it, and I wish it was my own idea. It would go well with dresses with black or silver accents, and with countless date night outfits. This really is a versatile design and you can choose the price of the beads if you want it to be more or less expensive.

Swarovski Purple Pearl Panache Necklace

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This necklace would most likely go well with dark colored dresses. The title of the photo is a link to the tutorial, and you can purchase kits that offer other colors such as green, gold, and silver. Or you could substitute for many different colors if you love the design and want it to match your dress or outfit. This necklace design is simplistic and elegant, making it versatile for a variety of other occasions.

Dinner Then Dancing Earrings

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The title of this picture is also a link to the tutorial. In three words the title sums up prom night perfectly, and these earrings definitely scream “prom”. They don’t look too heavy, and they’re very classy. These are a little more complicated to make since they require epoxy clay, but the end result seems well worth it. Either of these designs could go with a variety of dresses or outfits.

I hope these pieces gave you some ideas for your own prom/formal occasion jewelry. I only chose two of the many designs on Artbeads’ Learning Center, which is a great place to look for free inspiration and tutorials. It’s also where I learned a lot of the basics of jewelry making.


2 thoughts on “Prom Jewelry

  1. Making your own jewelry for prom is such a great idea. I know I had difficulty finding something to go with the look I wanted. I love that these pieces are all simple enough that they can be dressed up or down.


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