Triple Strand Bracelet Tutorial

There are many ways to make triple strand bracelets, and I think this is the easiest design. While this isn’t a true step-by-step tutorial with pictures, it is pretty self-explanatory and any intermediate jewelry maker should be able to figure it out. The one unique component you will need for this piece is a triple strand clasp which you can find here or here. I used this one for this bracelet.

Triple Strand Bracelet
A full view of the triple-strand bracelet. The outer strands are purple magnesite, and the inner strand is glass pearls. I used a magnetic slide clasp.

First, you want to figure out how long the bracelet needs to be. You may want to lay out all the strands on a beading board to get all the strands to line up. Measure that length, add 3 inches, and cut 3 pieces of beading wire to the new length.

Now, attach the strands to one side of the clasp. I used the tried and true method of crimp beads and crimp covers. Make sure the ends are crimped to the same length. Then, string your beads on the wires and double check that the strands are even. The last thing you want is a lop-sided bracelet. You may have to add some small seed beads to get the right lengths.

I found this next part to be the hardest. Take the other end of the clasp and make sure that the way you attach the strands ensures that it still functions. (In other words, make sure you’re not about to attach it upside down.) Once you’re sure it’s going on the right way, string the strands through the clasp and again make sure it’s even. Adjust as necessary.

Again, before you crimp anything and finalize your design, make sure the strands are even. Trim any excess wire and place crimp covers, if you so desire.

A close-up of the clasp I used for this bracelet.
A close-up of the clasp I used for this bracelet.
Triple Strand Magnesite and Pearl Bracelet
A picture of my beautiful hand-modeling skills. It helps demonstrate the relative size of the bracelet.

Not the best tutorial, I know, but there really are tons of others online. Hopefully this gave you some ideas as to how to make your own, or what beads to use. I especially like magnesite because it’s inexpensive and it comes in so many different colors. It’s a great substitute for turquoise, if you love the color but hate the price.

The one major benefit to using a multi-strand clasp for bracelets is that you don’t have to taper off the ends so that it fits on a regular one-strand clasp. The bracelet can be one uniform thickness all throughout. I also really like how the beads I chose are complementary. The cool gray of the pearls is present in the nooks and crannies of the purple magnesite beads, so it feels cohesive. I also like the rough/smooth textures that it plays with. For those reasons, this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I’ve made.

Don’t want to make your own? No problem! This bracelet is now up for sale in my Etsy shop! Check it out here!


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