Think Pink: Pink Necklaces for Spring

Since it’s spring and many beautiful flowers are in bloom, I thought it would be appropriate to write a post on some pink jewelry I’ve made. Here are two necklaces that I think embody spring.

Pink and Pearl Necklace

Pink Coral and Pearl Necklace
This bamboo rose coral and pearl necklace I think captures the essence of a dainty pink flower. The large pink beads and pearls are Czech glass, and the small pink beads are bamboo rose coral. Bamboo coral is not among the protected species of reef coral. This necklace could be worn with an Easter dress, or even a prom dress.

Pink and Purple Sunflower Necklace

Pink and Purple Sunflower Necklace
Although this flower looks more like a sunflower that would bloom in the summer, I think this necklace reflects the hope for a bountiful harvest that spring brings. The beads alternate between clear pink color-lined Czech glass and clear blue pink color-lined Czech, which makes it look purple. Simple yet pretty.

If you’re wondering, most of my beads and other beading supplies come from Shipwreck Beads. If you live in the Seattle area and love beading, it’s definitely worth the drive to Lacey. Don’t live anywhere near the Pacific NW? You can order online! In fact, their website is where I learned so much about bamboo rose coral. Okay, that’s probably enough free advertising for them. Come back on Friday for my weekly baking posts!


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