Pillsbury Holiday Cookie Tips

Happy Easter! I know this post is a little late, but I’m adjusting to a new schedule. Next week’s baking post will be at the usual time.

Tips for the perfect Pillsbury holiday cookies

I thought I’d share with you some quick tips to get the most out of those Pillsbury pre-cut holiday cookies. They offer different ones at different times of the year, and this post will be featuring the Easter ones.

  • These cookies can be aligned perfectly in a sort of grid pattern seen below. Space them out evenly on a 12″ circular baking sheet. A dozen should fit on it. If you have two sheets, you can use up the whole box of cookies.

Cookies on sheet

  • Just like with any other cookie, you want these to bake evenly. Follow the trick in this post and rotate and swap your cookie sheets from top to bottom to ensure even baking. I find that 10 minutes is usually enough to bake these cookies, swapping the sheets halfway at 5 minutes.
  • After they’re done baking, wait for the cookies to deflate and flatten. This means they are cool enough to remove from the pan with a spatula. It also means they are ready to devour.

Done cookies

Hope you enjoyed this short little post on making the perfect holiday sugar cookies!


4 thoughts on “Pillsbury Holiday Cookie Tips

  1. I quite like the crust that forms when you leave the cooking in one rack throughout the baking, although they aren’t as pretty. Also, is waiting for your cookies to cool something you’re supposed to do? I prefer my cookies warm.


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