My Favorite Jewels on the Red Carpet

I love watching the Oscars and admiring all the pretty dresses and gems the female celebrities get dressed up in. I was so happy when Reese Witherspoon started the hashtag “askhermore” because these women are most definitely more than just what/who they’re wearing. The roles they play inspire us to do things we never imagined, and I think that the things they wear can inspire us to be just as beautiful and put-together as they are. There were even a few men sporting some sort of shiny adornment. In no particular order, here are my 10 favorite pieces of jewelry from this year’s Oscars.

Although hard to see, Keira Knightley’s headband complemented her floral-patterned dress perfectly.
Margot Robbie wore a beautiful navy and gold tassel necklace.
Viola Davis’s pearl bib necklace was absolutely gorgeous.
Octavia Spencer’s long pale blue earrings rocked with her dress.
Meryl Streep wore some exquisite fleur de lis styled diamond earrings.
Gwyneth Paltrow wore some fab ruby earrings that went perfectly with her dress.
Cate Blanchett’s light blue statement necklace stood out well on her black dress.
Scarlett Johansson stunningly pulled off her hairstyle, asymmetric earrings, and emerald bib necklace.
Terrence Howard sported an oval lapel pin for the evening.
John Travolta looked snazzy with his chunky silver chain necklace.

Those were my favorites for both the girls and the guys! There were several runners-up including Oprah’s earrings, Felicity Jones’ earrings, and Laura Dern’s necklace. Let me know who was wearing your favorite piece of jewelry in a comment, whether they made my top-10 or not. (Since none of these pictures are mine, clicking on them will take you to the place I found them.)


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